The Happys

The Happys are a bay area band composed of four twenty-something-year olds-playing dysfunctional Surf Pop-Punk/Grunge.



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Nick Petty - Lead Vox/Guitar
Alex Sanchez - Lead Guitar/Vox
Brett Brazil - Bass/Vox
Ryan Donahue - Drums

Upon release from a 14 month stint in the Marin County Jail, Nick Petty, lead singer and songwriter for Bay Area rock band, The Happys was instructed NOT to enter a bar or be around alcohol or drugs as part of his probation. Of course, Nick went ahead and booked a gig for his band at a local bar.As the band came on stage, the first person he noticed in the audience was his probation officer staring him down. The band tore through the set and after the show, the officer approached Nick with sweat rolling down her forehead from dancing and made an offer - she would let this go if he keeps playing his music. “you guys are really good!” She said. “You’ve got to keep it going!” ...

“It was a wake-up call,” Nick explains. “I realized that jail was not where I saw myself going in my life. I wanted something to stop me from what I was doing, and jail did that. And when I got off drugs, I was able to nurture my creative side.”

After the bar “incident,” Nick decided it was time to step things up with his band. He recruited local musician friend, Brett Brazil on bass, Alex Sanchez on guitar and Ryan Donahue on drums. They went to work building their fanbase by playing as many live shows as they could, never turning down a gig. They traveled to the northwest and southern California on shoestring tours, toured in support of the Mad Caddies, opened for Agent Orange and played the main stage at San Francisco’s Haight Street Fair. Musically, the band draws their influences from ’90s upbeat punk-pop bands like Blink 182 and Sublime, while also delving into heavier territory akin to Nirvana and Tool. The band hails from Novato, California.

The band’s latest EP, ‘Bipolar’, which tells the story of overcoming the difficulties of mental illness. Nick has suffered from various mental health issues his whole life (which led to substance abuse). “I get what it’s like to be homeless and not getting the necessary help while suffering from depression and anxiety” Nick says. “I am very lucky to have this musical outlet to help with my own issues and I want to spread the love and hope to anyone who will listen.” Nick continues, “I strive to entertain people and let people know it’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to be different.”

‘Cut The Rope’, the latest single off Bipolar and has already been gaining momentum on San Francisco’s ALT105 radio. The video, shot by Will Rushton Films, portrays the darkness of living with anxiety. “The song examines elements in people’s lives that hold them back emotionally - cutting off bad things in your life” says Petty. “The song signifies change with addiction, toxic friendships, jobs or habits that you need to cut off immediately,”

Link "Cut The Rope" Video

“Blending garage rock, punk and surf sounds, The Happys feature a stage presence and versatility that is unmatched by many up-and-coming bands today.” - Brittany Woolsey, Del Mar Times.

“Trippin’, (The Happys) debut album showcased Petty’s talent for writing songs with catchy melodies and ear worm hooks.” - Paul Libertore, Marin Independent Journal

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